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Who or What is "Antilia"? 

You've probably heard of the Antillean Islands -- the Greater and Lesser Antilles of the West Indies -- made up of island nations like Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and (my favorite) Grenada.  

But do you know where that name came from? 

Antilia (or Antillia) was a legendary island, supposedly settled in the 8th century and much sought out during the 15th-century age of exploration.  It was thought to lie in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Portugal and Spain, and was sometimes referred to as the Isle of the Seven Cities.  For centuries it was written about and noted on maps of the time drawn by cartographers from across Italy and Spain. 


But much like the legendary and mysterious island of Atlantis, it may not have actually existed after all.  Scholars think it may have originated from an Iberian legend. 

Exploration, mystery, legendary finds -- all what makes travel so exciting! 


Let's plan something legendary! 

Oh yeah, "Antilia" also happens to be a mashup of my two favorite travelers,... Anthony & Cecilia....and they're pretty legendary too!  

Image by Dave Hoefler
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